Fine-grained, compact flow summaries for program analysis

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FlowMiner is a program analysis plugin for Eclipse that produces fine-grained, compact data flow summaries of a Java library. Unlike other library summary techniques which have coarse and lossy outputs, FlowMiner produces summaries that are expressive-enough to be used with context, object, field, type, and flow-sensitivity. We achieve this using a graph-based software analysis paradigm.

Elided Data Flow Graph


  • Summarizes arbitrary Java library bytecode (JARs)!
    • Inputs: Java library JAR(s) to summarize, dependency JAR(s) (if any)
    • Outputs: Summary data flow graph as compressed, portable XML
  • Fine-grained summaries for existing program analysis tools to improve results
  • IO plugin available (so existing tools don't have to implement XML parsers)
  • Automatic summary import for tools based on Atlas analysis platform
  • Extremely easy to use (Eclipse plugin with user interface)

Getting Started

Ready to get started?

  1. First install FlowMiner
  2. Then check out the tutorials

Source Code

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